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Walk on the subject of "time". By Wolfgang Ettenreich


{Walk: TIME, Sat-Oct-20-2012}

I start walking slowly. After about a minute or so my lower body moves in a more and more mechanical fashion.

It is as if my natural ability to move has been fallen apart and the parts - distinct blocks of movement - have been roughly stitched together.

I feel like a robotic, mechanical machine making its way through space.

All of my movements are choppy and my upper body moves the same way now.

After walking like this for some time, my lower body begins moving more smoothly, a little freer and it feels as if someone is oiling this machine. 

It is as if this oil fuses those fragments of movement together again, making it more coherent. I don't know what this oil is or where it is coming from. 

My upper and lower body are in sync again.

I am having a good deal of energy, not too much, not too little. The level seems to be just right for my task.

I move smoother and more swiftly now and notice that I could do this forever. There is nothing which would exhaust me, nothing in my way.

I feel like moving continuously, fluid - no more robotic or mechanical by any means.

When asked about my (TIME's) feelings I notice actually some sadness lingering. I haven't noticed any feelings/emotions up to this point.

Me, TIME wants to be seen but people don't see me.

They all have those electronic devices, mechanical boxes etc, with numbers on it; with 'hands' turning around in circles. I find this really silly, actually sad.

People stare at them all the time and think they see me but they don't. They can't because they actually look away from me.

I find it ridiculous that those devices are everywhere and to me people seem to be obsessed with them. I don't understand why.

What do I need? Again, I want people to see me, I need to be seen. I am just plain sad that people look at those devices and think its me.

The question is asked what people would see if they actually do look at me (TIME)?

Surprisingly, the answer comes as another question. TIME asking itself: Who/what is moving here?

The answer is right there: the Moment. 

As this answer comes up, I'm again puzzled by peoples' silly actions: I am a point - the moment - and they attempt to chop me into precise intervals of some length and alike. That's so ridiculous to me. How can they miss that this doesn't make sense?

I would really love to rid the whole world of anything which puts me on display or tries to measure me.

Imagining doing that feels good and has a lot of energy. 

I envision a world with no clock or measuring device of any kind. Just me there.

With that my movement comes to a rather abrupt halt. 

I feel no need or impulse to move anymore, it has just ceased. 

I feel blank, empty in a positive way, spacious. 

I have nothing left to say.


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