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This is a new method to offer profund and deep work for inner- and self experience.


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Foreword to Christian Assel's book on "Walking-in-your-shoes" by Joseph Culp. Published in English by Lotus Press.


Book excerpt: Walking in Your Shoes: "Walking Is Understanding. A Great Alternative to Family Constellation Work". Published in English by Lotus Press.



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How is it done?



"Walking-In-Your-Shoes" takes place in a group setting of like-minded, caring people. The work begins when a member of the group asks to be walked. Another member volunteers to walk as that person. The walker literally walks in the circle. The facilitator guides the walker to listen to the impulses of the bodymind and thus the walker becomes the person, reporting all their thoughts, feelings, sensations, and intuition.

It is also possible to walk other roles, for example, a problem figure, somebody of your family, a symptom, an issue, a blind spot, a decision, your vocation or a pet. By Walking-In-Your-Shoes the group experiences a wholeness. In a typical group, each participant has the opportunity to walk and be walked.

"Walking-In-Your-Shoes" (WIYS) is a body-based, transformational process of directly knowing oneself and others in a state of deep interconnectedness.  WIYS mirrors gifts and talents to be developed as well as defenses to be tempered. It is a method that uses our natural gifts for transcendence and empathy to deeply know oneself and to relate to another being without relying upon cognitive functions.

At the heart of the process is the opportunity for us to break out of our limiting "Self-Concepts" and move into our deeper natures of love, compassion and “mirror-like wisdom.” It's about getting past our rigid concepts about reality and more importantly, about ourselves. It's about letting go, at least temporarily, of the belief we all carry that we are somehow inherently separate. Quantum physics and all the highest teachings in every religion say the same thing: "Separateness" is an illusion. We are actually one and we are everything that is. Walking-In-Your-Shoes  challenges personal beliefs because the process goes beyond the ego that has to believe in things. It's not about being “psychic” and if it is, then it's the psychic ability in all of us. People who have been Walked frequently report that they have never before felt so understood and accepted.


I don't need any information before the walk. But you could think of the role, you would like to have walked.

It could be a person (like a relative, a friend, yourself, your partner), an animal or an element (like your future, your soul, your vocation). You can take whatever role you need to get some answers, knowledge or insight.


The co-founder, John Cogswell, writes:


"Walking in Your Shoes," an empathic way of deeply relating to one another. Stating one's intention to be another person and walking with that intention, one is able to experience a subject's energetic style, how he or she is in the world, and what abilities are used to cope. The awarenesses that arise as one walks with no conscious intention of imitating or calling on one's cognitive knowledge about the person can be used to glean information otherwise not available to one's consciousness. In the walking, one experiences a shift in awareness and, continuing to walk, shares that new awareness with the subject. Later, one notices his or her attention shifting to the subjects more repressed and constricted faculties. People who have been "walked" frequently report that they have never before felt so understood and accepted. The Buddhist, existential-phenomenological, and self psychology premises underlying the walking are discussed.

The co-founder, Joseph Culp, writes:


Walking-In-Your-Shoes is a transformational process. It is a method which uses our natural gifts for transcendence and empathy to deeply relate to another being. I often refer to it as “spontaneous empathy”. The technique is simple yet profound: In a supportive group setting, or with a facilitator, one states the intention to be another person or given subject, and begins to move in the space, refraining from imitations or cognitive guesswork, and tunes into the energies and feelings of the body. During the walking, one experiences a shift of awareness and spontaneously manifests behavior aspects, emotional/psychological states and life-themes of the person or subject they are walking. The information manifested has been found to have a high degree of accuracy whether the Walker has knowledge of the person or not. People who have been walked frequently report that they have never before felt so understood and accepted, and those who walk experience a sense of liberation by temporarily "stepping out" of their often limiting self-concept. The profound implications of this process took me on a personal journey of practice and discovery for over twenty years. I have introduced and trained hundreds of people in WIYS over the years and have seen many lives transformed in positive ways by Walking-In-Your-Shoes. (by Joseph Culp, co-founder)


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