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My name is Chris A. Assel, M.A. I was born in Germany in 1967 and lived here most of my life. I studied Philosophy and English Linguistics at the University of Hannover, Germany. I am a second generation facilitator in Family Constellation work. For many years, before I started my own career, I have attended my father's Family Constellation workshops that he still offers today together with his second wife. This experience was a great asset in my professional life.

Gerhard Walper was my teacher in Systemic Family Constellation work in Germany, and I have been intensively involved in Systemic Constellations in the US and in Europe since 1998 and became a certified facilitator of Systemic Constellation work.

Since early 2004, I have been offering Systemic Constellation workshops on a full-time basis in Hannover, Berlin, Erfurt and San Francisco. I have many years of experience as a representative in many different workshops of Family Constellation work, and was fortunate to participate in some of Bert Hellinger’s constellations. I have facilitated many workshops and trainings in the US and Europe.

In 2008, I was trained by Joseph Culp in the Walking-in-your-shoes process. Since that time I have offered workshops and trainings in Hannover and Berlin, Germany. Many participants have greatly appreciated this approach, and the Walking method is starting to spread in Germany, Austria and the US. My book about Walking-in-your-shoes was published in Germany in November 2010. It's now out in English, too!


Today, I work full-time as a trainer of “Walking-in-your-shoes” and individual Family Constellation work.



I offer workshops in California (USA), Germany



Bert Hellinger and Chris Assel at a Family Constellation training workshop in Mainz, Germany 2004

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