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"Walking-in-your-shoes" - Walking means understanding. The alternative to Family Constellation work



Walking-In-Your-Shoes is a phenomenological, holistic method for inner growth and understanding. It is designed to understand yourself and others and can also be used to gain insight into certain aspects of your life, like your “blind spot”, your “vocation” or your “self”. In WIYS, representatives are used which “walk” each other. Other than in a Family Constellation, they are not set up, but experience an “adventure” or an “expedition” while moving the body in the room. This “Walk” reveals detailed information from a deeper level to create understanding and insight to get to know yourself, grow inside and be a happier person


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Chris is a certified and experienced second generation facilitator originally from Germany.


"Walking-in-your-shoes" modes of group participation:


"Workshops" are designed for people who are interested in inner growth and personal development. You may do an "own walk", which means that you are participating actively. Alternatively you may participate as an "observer" to see other participants getting a walk.

"Training" is designed for people who are interested in integrating this new method into their professional work. The training is also great for people who would just like an intensive time for themselves (many walks are included).


Bert Hellinger and Chris at a Family Constellation training in Mainz, Germany 2004

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